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Protect your prints, posters, and photographs with dry or wet mounting

Dry and wet mounting is an inexpensive, easy, and elegant way to protect your prints, posters, or photographs from bending or wrinkling. These techniques flatten the artwork resulting in a clean look. 


Dry Mounting - works by placing a special adhesive tissue between the photograph and the mount board. It is then placed in a special press that applies pressure either mechanically or with a vacuum to press the artwork against the mount board while applying a high temperature to activate the adhesive in the tissue. 


Wet Mounting - is a process where wet glue or paste is applied to the mount board directly. Once applied, the artwork is positioned on the board and covered with something such as a sheet of glass to apply a steady even pressure. 


Take advantage of our laminating services:


  • Clean finish to your prints

  • UV-protected polyester film

  • Finishes include glossy, luster, and matte 

  • Protect your prints from sunlight, fingerprints, pollution, or moisture 

​Laminating is a great alternative when you do not want glass. 


Visit us today to protect your favorite pieces of artwork with mounting or laminating!

Expedited service available: 

drop it off today - pick it up tomorrow!

*contact store for details and restrictions

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